Coffee Time News 07/08/14


In a bid to make every film journalist’s life a pain, the Terminator reboot that just wrapped on production is no longer called Genesis, but instead it’s Genisys. Probably because it looks cooler.

The Inbetweeners 2 have had a brilliant opening day, bringing in over £2,750,000 to make it the biggest opening day for a comedy in Britain.

So we can all agree that Stephen Hawking is one of life’s great baddasses right? Well, here’s a trailer for his biopic, the Theory of Everything starring Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones.


Arrested Development might well be getting a fifth season, but we don’t know when. When all the actors clear up their schedules I suppose.

There’s going to be a Scream television show, now scream scared the turd out of me when I was forced to watch it as a child, so this holds no appeal at all, but if you’re in for that, here’s some details.


The Expendables meets Broforce in this new, free to download Expendabros game, available now on steam.

To not that many people’s surprise, Destiny won’t be changing an awful lot between the Beta and the released game, which is a good thing really, as that game was incredibly fun.

Nintendo are at it again, playing with my heart strings.



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