Coffee Time News 11/08/14

Good morning everyone! I hope everyone had a good weekend, anyway, here’s the news!


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles has already gotten itself a sequel for 2016 after a great opening weekend. Whether this is good or bad, well, I’m not sure.

The story for the Last of Us film, which is being made, will be different to the game’s storyline, and will be a more focussed storyline with more cut. Because it’s difficult to tell a 15 hour long story in 2 hours.

Despite being a well loved sentient Tree, Vin Diesel might not be done with the Marvel Universe, has he teased an Inhuman role? Or is he just showing some of that Diesel Cheek?


Want to have a look at Gotham’s version of the most popular Asylum in all of DC? That’s right, Arkham’s been spotted. 

Boardwalk Empire is up for its final season, and here’s a trailer for season 5. No One Goes Quietly.

Apparently Steven Moffat wants to see a cross over of his two shows; Sherlock and Doctor Who, but thankfully the Sherlock crew have said no. Because lets face it, that would be incredibly lame.


You can walk your way to a full trophy collection in Super Smash Brothers 3DS, using the coins you gain from the in built pedometer to buy those pesky rare trophies.

Check out the new trailer for the Pokemon Sapphire and Ruby remakes, featuring contests, new mega evolutions and cosplaying pikachu. The article also mentions some of the changes we’ll see from the contests.

Unfortunately anyone who played Destiny’s Beta and wanted to keep their guardian as is, will be disappointed, as the characters are being scrapped after too many changes to the game.


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