Coffee Time News 12/08/14


Obviously the first piece of news is that Robin Williams has died at the age of 63 from asphyxiation. It’s a tremendously sad day for comedy, for film, but even more so for his family, and our thoughts are with them.

Michael Bay may be finished making Transformer Movies. They’ll still be made, but not by him.

Some new details about the Assassin’s Creed film have surfaced, and it seems to be set during the Spanish Inquisition, which no one expects.


Here’s a short from Star Wars rebels, which is full of original trilogy feel, style and music.

Better Call Saul, the spin off to the hit show Breaking Bad, has a trailer, now it’s only 11 seconds long, but it’s something.


Hotline Miami will be available as a cross buy for the PS4 from August 19th, so if you’ve already bought it on the Vita or the PS3, you won’t be charged.

Want to see some crazy ass powers from twilight Princess’s main antagonist Zant? Well you’re in luck!

Runescape, the free to play, in browser MMORPG, is getting its first expansion in 13 years. Here’s some details.


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