Coffee Time News 13/08/14


The Maze Runner has a new featurette, and the whole gang is there, it’s out next month, which is crazy soon.

Is Marvel ready for an Inhumans movie? It looks that way, and with a fair few films between now and Avengers 3, we could see it before then.

Warner Brothers have hired two writers for the Aquaman Movie, which is a sign that they’re pretty determined to do DC’s punching bag some service.


Houdini will be a two part History Channel drama based on the life of the escape artist, it will star Adrian Brody and it’s got a trailer here.

The Veronica Mars cast, which you may remember from such Kickstarter campaigns as ‘the Veronica Mars Movie’ will be rejoining for a ‘Play It Again, Dick’ webseries.

Doctor Who season 8 is nearly upon us, and here’s a much longer trailer than we’ve seen yet, with the classic ‘you’ve redecorated, I don’t like it’ line.


Journey will be coming to the PS4, once again as part of the cross buy line. 

Do you have terrible friends who don’t buy the same games as you so you can’t have that awesome co-op experience? Well Far Cry 4 for the PS4 is doing something quite cool; when you buy the game you get 10 ‘keys’ to give to PSN friends for them to join in on your co-op game. Hopefully enticing them to buy it themselves.

Wild is a game from the creator of Rayman that I know very little about, and this new trailer does very little to clarify my confusion.


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