Lazy Swendesday Lists: 5 Most Anticipated Games of the New Generation

We love games here at Axby, that might be pretty clear, but there are some games on the newest generation of consoles that we just can’t wait for, for one reason or another. Here are those games, and those reasons.

5) Call of Duty Advanced Warfare: November 4th 2014

Now I’m not a big Call of Duty fan, I don’t think I’ve played more than an hour and a half of the series since Call of Duty 3. Now that’s not for any other reason than I just, don’t find them appealing, I think it’s mostly because of the stereotypical user base, and the fact that I’d feel like I would be jumping in the deep end of an incredibly overskilled pool.

But Advanced Warfare, while it doesn’t look like they’re changing too much about what keeps me from the series, is doing something a bit different, which is a great change as an outsider who can’t really tell the games apart.

The new, exciting, different approach is really welcome in a series that has, basically, become a bit of a running joke.

Also, Kevin Spacey.

4) Assassin’s Creed Unity: October 28th 2014

Speaking of series that had begun to stagnate… Something happened when Ezio left us and we were introduced to Conner, I stopped wanting to be an assassin. AC3 took away my desire to want to be a knife in the crowd. Even Black Flag, which is a phenomenal game, didn’t make me want to be an assassin. It made me want to be a pirate, and get my own ship, drink rum and sing shanties, but it didn’t make me want to be an assassin like my adventure with Ezio had.

I think that’s a good thing, because now, with new generation technology, meaning more of a crowd to be a knife in, and a return to a large city much like Brotherhood’s Rome, which is one of my favourite games in the series so far, Unity has primed us to want to be an assassin again. We’re no longer bored with cities, after the frontier (snooze) and the great big ocean, I think we’re all ready to slink through streets again.

3) Far Cry 4: November 18th 2014

As far as single player campaigns go, Far Cry 3 was the knees of the bee. Excellent character development, brilliant villains and great gameplay. All this just made me want a fourth instalment even more, and look, we’ve got one.

It looks to be more of the best parts of the third game, great environments, different ways to approach problems an a plethora of weapons and tools. Only, this time they’ve added helicopters, elephants and HONEY BADGERS.

There’s also the feature of jump in multiplayer, multiplayer being a big part of a lot of games in today’s market. I just hope they stick to the same awesome character progression but get rid of those disappointing quick time boss fights.

2) Destiny: 9th September 2014

This is the closest game on this list, and though we covered it fairly heavily during the beta, it’s still a very exciting game.

With the focus on casual cooperative multiplayer that, so far, works very well, as well as RPG elements and a simplified MMO strategy, raids that take less time and less people, for instance, Destiny is looking to be a great addition. Also, the fact that it’s released a more than a month before the next game on the list means that we’ll have a lot of play time between now and the French Revolution.

1) Evolve: 10th February 2014

Evolve, which has recently delayed to next year, took us at Axby a bit by surprise. Charlie and myself used to play Left for Dead during our time at Uni, and more from the same studio (Turtle Rock) can only seem like a good thing.

The best part about this game is that four players shouldn’t be too hard to get together, and if you’re more of a solo player, you can always vouch for being the Monster, and both those roles, the Hunter and the Monster, will bring different things to the experience.

While we’re disappointed by the delay, the February release should allow us to get the other games out of our system and we can spend our entire lives hunting monsters.


So that’s our list of most anticipated games of the next few months, what about you guys? Did we miss the top of your wish list?


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