Coffee Time News 19/08/14


Sin City 2 has a new trailer for your eyes and their enjoyment, check that out here.

The creators of the Hunger Games explains why Mockingjay, the third in the series, is being cut into two pieces, and surprisingly it makes sense.

Pirates of the Caribbean 5 may start filming in Australia early next year.


The Devil’s Advocate is going the ways of the silence of the Lambs and Misery by being turned into a television show.

Doctor Who season 8 kicks off this weekend, and here’s a list of episode titles and the directors for each. Obviously you could consider an episode title a spoiler, so go forth at your own risk.

The newest imagining of Bendis and Oeming’s Powers series on the small screen will star Sharlto Copley (district 9) and Eddie Izzard. 


It looks like soon you’ll be able to play as some Team Fortress Characters in Super Time Force, check out a trailer here.

Watch Dogs will be the only ‘Mature’ WiiU game from Ubisoft in their upcoming line up. Because, according to them ‘Nintendo Customers don’t play Assassin’s Creed’.

In other Ubisoft News, Ubisoft will be putting an end to last generation games next year, which is probably about time.


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