Lazy Wednesday Lists: Top Ten Multiplayer Experiences Part 1

With the sudden influx of multiplayer in games that wouldn’t usually have multiplayer, like Assassin’s Creed Unity and Far Cry 4, as well as Destiny coming out in less than a month which is heavily multiplayer focussed, I thought now might be a good time to compile a list of the best multiplayer experiences. Now some of these are personal opinion, while one or two I’d feel odd not including due to their popularity, so that’s that disclaimer out of the way.

10: Borderlands (1 and 2)

Ah Borderlands… The FPS/RPG hybrid that focusses on a team of Vault hunters looking for treasure and guns. It’s mostly about the guns.

Borderlands allows up to four people to co-operatively wander the world, shooting the balls out of everything that moves and searching anywhere and everywhere for loot. The ability to duel each other for the best loot made it a little competitive too, which is great.

But the best thing about Borderlands is that the enemies scale with the amount of people in the game, bosses become harder and grunts become less grunty. It means you’ve got to work together to get that wonderful loot. Or, you could run in all guns blazing with a robot companion like I do. You will die, I can attest to that.

9) Super Smash Brothers

Finally, a chance to see once and for all, who would win, Link, the hero of time, or an overweight Italian plumber. My money’s on the guy with the sword.

These games peppered my childhood with the only real fighting game experience I have, and I’ve no regrets. I loved using the characters I knew to beat up my friends, it’s also the only game that I actively lied about my skill at. I’d claim I was awful despite my hours of practice just to lure my friends into a false sense of security.

The myriad of abilities and items made this game chaotic fun, but obviously, if you were serious about Smash bros you go no items on Final destination.

Because there’s no way to take the fun out of a game like removing all the stuff that makes it what it is.

8) Halo

Now originally I had only the co-operative side of halo down, mostly because Halo 4 turned the competitive side into a Call of Duty wannabee. But let’s face it, Halo 3 and prior, the franchise ruled in online console shooters.

Some of the best memories I have on my Xbox were from playing Halo 3 with both friends and strangers. And before that I used to love hanging out with my friends playing Halo 2 in the living room. There was something so pure and fun about those games. Oh and the Matchmaking and level system wasn’t flawed to hell back then.

The Co-op, however, is great too; the inclusion of the meta game, adding skulls and scoring, meant that even working together was a competition.

And who could forget the fear in seeing that sniper trail fly through the air. Eesh.

7) Grand Theft Auto.

It’s odd isn’t it, GTA have always been a single player experience, then GTA Online comes along and disappointed everyone with it’s shaky start and unfulfilled promises. But even without GTA Online this game would have made the list.

Multiplayer experiences used to be all about getting together in the same room and having fun with friends, and that’s exactly what GTA was good for.

Though the storylines are long and rich, the real reason people played GTA was for the messing about factor, and there’s not much in the world that equals the ‘die and pass the controller’ mentality that comes with playing GTA with friends.

Oh the shenanigans that ensue.

6) Mario Party

Four friends go into a room, hours later four enemies leave. The extent that people can mess with you during the game, and it always seems to focus on one person in particular, is ridiculous.

Let’s not forget the screaming, yelling and mild physical abuse that comes with playing with people in the same room.

The best thing is, after all the tears, hoarse throats and broken ribs, it’s all sort of random in the end.

And it’s that entropy that makes it possible for you all to be friends and do it all again next week.

So what do you think? What are your guesses for the final 5? Do you instantly disagree with my run so far? Leave a comment if you do, and if you want to share some of your best multiplayer experiences, well that’s just fantastic too.


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