Coffee Time News 01/09/14


Last week we reported that Her star Joaquin Phoenix may be taking up the mantle of Doctor Strange, well it’s come out this weekend that the ‘actor’s actor’ may be reluctant to take on such a big blockbuster.

In other Marvel news, Guardians of the Galaxy has had the highest grossing domestic (US) box office release of 2014 making it the most successful domestic (US) film of this year.

The newest clips from the Maze Runner teach you the rules of running through mazes.


The newest batch of set photos from Game of Thrones tease new story lines and character combinations. Needless to say Spoiler territory is imminent. 

It’s just a rumour, but Amazon could be reviving an old Fox show from 2001, based on The Tick, a superhero from the 90’s. The original show starred Patrick Warburton, who if you don’t know the name, you’ll know the face as Joe from Family Guy.

Arrow season 3 will star Ra’s al Ghul, we know that for sure, but we don’t know who will be playing the leader of the league of Shadows. However, Liam Neeson, who played the Demon in the Dark Knight trilogy, has said he’d be totally on board.


A new trailer for the Shadow of Mordor shows off the procedurally generated enemies and the infiltration of the Orc society. 

Play as Handsome Jack’s life model Decoy in Borderlands the Presequel thanks to DLC.

And last week Nintendo announced a new handheld system, called simply, the New 3DS. Check out Nintendo Life’s guide of it over here.


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