Coffee Time News 04/09/14


Big Hero Six, the Disney superhero team up that isn’t the Avengers, is out on November 7th and right here’s a in depth preview and trailer courtesy of Screenrant.

Dwayne Johnson has long teased his part in the DC universe, and now finally it’s been released, he’ll be playing Black Adam, the antihero and nemesis of Shazam, in the upcoming film based on the superhero Shazam.

After the indescribable success of Frozen (Seriously, if I hear Let it Go again I may kill a snowman) Disney have now announced that a short film named Frozen Fever will be airing in Spring 2015.


I present to you a whole heap of images from the premier of season 3 of Arrow, a show that I know at least two of us here at Axby are totally geared up for.

Speaking of superheroes, here’s the official synopsis for the second season of Agents of SHIELD.

There will be no Bran and no Hodor in season 5 of Game of Thrones, click here if you’re up to date with the show to avoid spoilers. But for those who aren’t, it’s only because they’ve sort of reached the last known point of their book storyline.


Minecraft is out for Playstation 4 today, those of you who’ve already bought it for PS3 will only have to pay $5 to upgrade, the same goes for those who’re upgrading to the Xbox One version which is released tomorrow.

Take a look at the PS4 exclusive map for Destiny in today’s run up to Destiny news, doesn’t it look pretty?

Finally, in less great news, the New 3DS will be region locked, which means that if you were tempted to import a Japanese version then you’d best be happy playing Japanese games.


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