Late Wednesday List: Top Ten Multiplayer Experiences Part 2

So due to a few things that have gotten in the way as of late (my exhaustion being one of them) this is an incredibly overdue list, but it’s finally here, the exciting conclusion to my article from 2 weeks ago, which you can check out here.

5) Left for Dead

Left for Dead is just pure fun. When playing co-op there’s yelling, thanking and a lot of shooting, and that’s just awesome. Getting four friends together to survive the Zombie outbreak is a really great bonding exercise. It’s also a great way to find out which of your friends are total d*cks that will abandon you to the wrath of a witch.

But Versus mode is a different kettle of fish; it’s tense, tactical and terrifying, and having that juxtaposition of multiplayer atmospheres gives the game even more variety and replayability.

4) Call of Duty

This one isn’t a personal choice, but there’s no way I could leave this multiplayer behemoth out of my list. The sales figures speak for themselves, but so many people I know don’t even touch the single player campaign and play it only for the multiplayer.

From what I’ve seen, even in team based events, CoD is mostly about self preservation and your own score, this independent thought process in, what can often be a team based game means that everyone has stories and everyone has their own interests in mind, which is often winning. And determined individuals lead to winning teams.

The player base is dedicated to the cause, and that’s admirable as hell.

3) World of Warcraft

Maybe this should be higher on the list, maybe. Like CoD, WoW has a huge and serious player base, as well as an acronym that is really easy to pronounce.

Millions of people subscribe to Warcraft, and millions of people spend hours grinding for the huge raid at the weekend with their friends, comrades and uneasy allies.

The one thing that keeps this off the top of my list is actually a personal reason; I grew up playing couch multiplayers, and that’s just not something you can do in Warcraft, nevertheless it’s still a huge multiplayer experience that can’t be overlooked.

2) Minecraft

Huge Worlds, a multitude of building supplies and as much creativity that your brain can produce. Add that with another person’s own brain and you’ve got yourself a great weekend of building.

When I was at University, my housemates and I would spend whole Sundays building and playing and generally assing around in our Minecraft world. It was a great way to unwind and chat about just about anything, and with the constant updates there was always a new reason to jump back in and see just how many cats we could round up into a pen.

1) Mario Kart

Now this is personal preference.

Karting games have, in my opinion, lost something in the move to online play. When I was growing up a night in with friends almost always ended up with a few hundred races in Mario Kart.

Frankly it’s just not as satisfying to screw someone over three feet from the finish line if you’re not within throwing distance. Like Mario Party, many people have tried to copy the karting formula, and while some of them actually surpassed it (I’m looking at you Crash Team Racing) most of them have fallen flat, so that’s why I picked Mario Kart for the top spot. Because it’s always a great old laugh at the end of day.


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