Coffee Time News 08/09/14


Fans of RDJ inside a metal suit may not be happy with this news, as it’s been released that Iron Man 4 isn’t on the near horizon.

Fans of Paul Bettany as a metal suit should be happy however, as this new poster for Age of Ultron shows of Vision in all his green glory.

Horrible Bosses was one of my favourite films of 2011, and the new trailer for the sequel (Horrible Bosses 2) looks like it’s got potential.


The Flash producers really like the idea of introducing Wally West, known as Kid Flash, in some capacity to the Flash TV show, and with the new 52 version of West being African American we could see a little more diversity in the genre.

The Suicide Squad, a team of villains in Arrow that are coerced into working for ARGUS, could see an increase in its roster this coming season.

Last week we reported that Bran Stark won’t be appearing in season 5 of Game of Thrones, well, maybe he will be. We’re really not sure any more.


Later this month you’ll be able to soil your pants in a whole new way as Slender: the Arrival will be coming to last Gen consoles.

Developers love finding new and creative ways to mess with Pirates and the Sims 4 is no exception, check out how they’ve been pixilating their way to payback.

Destiny is out tomorrow, which is awesome, and if you’ve got a 360 or a ps3 but are waiting for, say, a big holiday season to buy your new console, fear not as until January, those who buy the game on the older systems will be able to transport everything over their new console up until January the 15th.


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