Coffee Time News 09/09/14


For those still wondering Real Steal 2 is actually happening, or at least, that’s the plan. The original screenwriter has been called to arms to pen the sequel.

It’s only 18 seconds, but here’s 18 seconds of new Big Hero 6 footage in the newest TV spot.

Paul Rudd is too ripped for his suit. Yep. Co-star Michael Douglas has announced that Rudd’s suit has had to be reduced because the Ant Man star has been taking the work out seriously.


Agents of SHIELD season 2, which kicks off on the 23rd of September, will see a guest star in Hayley Atwell who, for those who don’t know, will be helming the next Marvel show; Agent Carter.

There’s a new Tv series on the horizon; the Minority Report show will be a sort of sequel to the 2002 film. Check here for some more details.

And here’s a first look at the Simpsons/Futurama crossover, which will air on November 9th.


Someone has painstakingly replicated famous Sitcom houses in the Sims 4. The Friends set is absolutely astounding.

Assassins Creed Unity will see co-operative heists, and these will take a lot of communication. I hope you’ve got friends to play with.

And finally, Arkham Knight has a release date, (it’s June 2nd 2015) and you can click here to see what the super special editions will contain.


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