Coffee Time News 10/09/14


It looks like we’ll be seeing a bit more of the Guardians of the Galaxy, after being such a big damn hit this summer it’s now been announced that they will play a big part in Avengers 3, whenever we see that.

Captain America 2 was also a big hit earlier this year, so much so that the team behind the screenplay have been hard at work on the third instalment, click here for a bit more of an in depth look.

23 Jump Street could be happening. The co-writer Rodney Rothman has been set to putting a script together for a sequel about a film that spent all its time (and the end credits scene) mocking sequels.


Contrary to our report earlier in the week, the Supergirl spin off show may actually be a part of the Arrow/Flash CW universe. We’ve got archers, ninjas and speedsters, I suppose it’s only fair we have kryptonians as well.

Doctor Who fans may be interested in these two new teasers for the next episode, but obviously for those who are sensitive about getting the most out of their Saturday date with the Doctor, you may want to avoid it.


Pokemon fans will be getting a chance to nab themselves a shiny gengar, as well as a Diance this coming october in preparation for the release of Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby, check here for the dates and details.

There’s a rumour that Minecraft could be being bought by Microsoft. If this were to happen, it reportedly wouldn’t affect the Playstation versions of the sandbox crafting game.

360 and Playstation 3 owners will have to wait a few weeks more to play Shadow of Mordor, as it’s been delayed on those consoles until the 21st of November.



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