Lazy Wednesday List: Top 5 Video Game Companions

Destiny just launched, and for those who don’t know, as soon as the game starts you’re given a little cube-y friend called ‘Ghost’, he’s like a cross between Portal’s Wheatley and a rubix cube. Oh and he’s voiced by Peter Dinklage, so it’s like Tyrion Lannister is following you around and it’s awesome.

To that end, I present to you my top 5 companions in gaming, now a quick caveat,  the only restriction was that they weren’t optional, so Fawkes, Lydia, yours is another list I’m afraid.

5) Dog; Fable 2

Ah, sweet dog. After finding you on the ground after being shot out of a window by Lord Lucien, he is with you throughout your adventure, he can find treasure for you, finish off bad guys for you and point you in the way you need to go if you ever get stuck, he truly is a hero’s best friend.

But that’s not why he makes the list, no, he makes the list because of his final sacrifice; faced once again against Lord Lucien and once again being held at gun point, your faithful pooch leaps in front of the bullet, sacrificing his life for your own. Of course, Lucien goes ahead and shoots you anyway, but it’s fine because you don’t really feel like dying today.

But the best thing about the dog was the final choice in the game, you’re handed three cards; oodles of cash, resurrecting all the innocent people who’d died in the Spire or bringing your dog back.

I don’t know a single person who didn’t bring back that dog.

4) Sparx the Dragonfly; Spyro the Dragon

We’re going old school for number four, at least, Playstation 1. For those who never had the absolute pleasure of playing the original trilogy of Spyro games, Sparx is your best friend and life support.

Fearlessly taking the blows for Spyro throughout his adventure, Sparx takes the damage so you don’t have to, he cycles through different colours to show you just how much of a badass he is.

But he’s only a bug, and once you’ve been hit three times he’ll get out of dodge and leave you to fend for yourself until you get hit once (because unlike Sparx, Spyro’s a weiny) or find some of Sparx’s favourite snacks, butterflies.

In the third (and best) game, you even get to play as Sparx, finding the dragon eggs that are too small for Spyro to get to and earning himself some wicked upgrades in the process.

3) Tatl; Legend of Zelda Majora’s Mask

Oh don’t look at me like that, it’s Joe writing an article, of course Majora’s Mask is going to feature.

Tatl is your fairy companion in Majora’s Mask; previously a friend of Skull Kid and sister to Tael, another fairy. But unlike Navi, who is charged with helping you in your quest in the Ocarina of Time, Tatl is separated from her brother and friend, and tags along with you to help get back to them.

Throughout your adventure in Termina you and Tatl become friends, and begin trusting one another, as well as working in exactly the same way as Navi did in the previous game, Tatl has a real personality, showing fear, excitement and even remorse through your quest.

Also I’m a sucker for that sibling relationships stuff.

2)GLADOS; Portal 2

GLADOS, the hilarious and mean spirited antagonist of the first Portal game, who lies to you about just about everything, even dying apparently, makes a triumphant return in Portal 2.

But it’s not until you remove GLADOS and place the idiotic lunatic Wheatley into the mainframe that GLADOS really comes into her own. Instead of killing her, Wheatley transfers the AI into a potato battery, which, as well as being hilarious, restricts her output, meaning that she can’t really show emotions, doing so causes her to black out.

Unceremoniously speared onto the end of your portal gun, GLADOS learns to appreciate Chell’s survival instincts and skills as well as giving a bit of insight into the history of Aperture technology. Seeing the previously omnipotent nightmare machine panicking over birds and paradox’s is really fantastic.

1) Elizabeth; Bioshock Infinite

Elizabeth. Bloody hell. I think I wrote this entire list just to talk about this girl.

Before playing Infinite, the idea of having a constant, defenceless AI companion with you for an entire game, let alone a combat focussed FPS, would have brought tears to my eyes, and then you see the message that simply states; You don’t need to protect Elizabeth in combat, she can take care of herself.

No life bar, no time limit, bliss. Knowing that you can go on popping heads and sending attack crows at people while Elizabeth just keeps out of the way was heaven.

But it’s not only that, as well as being a compelling and charming character with just as many secrets as your own Booker, she’s incredibly handy to have around. She finds ammo, money and tonic refills during battle and when you’re wandering around the city she can unlock doors too.

Oh and her reality tearing ability is kind of integral to the entire game.

So that’s my list of the top 5 companions in gaming, if you disagree, or think I missed out something obvious, leave a message below, or contact me via smoke signal.

DISCLAIMER: I realise I missed out Ellie from the Last of Us, but I’ve not actually played the game yet, so didn’t think it fair to place her without actually knowing what I was going on about.


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