Coffee Time News 12/09/14


The fifth Rambo film now has a title, and it’s Last Blood. Which means we can probably expect to see Rambo Laster Blood in 2018.

Some follicle news for you now; after lasting 2 films so far without going full on bald, James McAvoy may finally be losing his hair for Xmen Apocalypse.

Looks like we’ll be seeing the Millennium Falcon as well as at least one X-wing in Star Wars episode 7.


DC are taking another shot at the Television superhero industry with the announcement of the Teen Titans live action show. Click here for some more info but it could be a good chance to tell a coming of age story wrapped up in a superhero’s cloak.

In that vein, Arrow star Stephen Amell addresses, once again, the talk of the Justice League and says that they’re building their own,television universe league, which makes perfect sense.

And finally, Agent Carter has its logo, and doesn’t it look… Standard.


Check this link out for some of the leaked Super Smash Bros unlockable characters, and you’ll see some new faces and old favourites amongst the hidden roster.

Here’s a trailer for the newest Resident Evil game, Revelations 2. Showing Claire Redfield, some shady surveillance, and gore.

Finally; are you a fan of Metroid? Especially the Soundtrack? Are you a fan of Orchestras and Orchestral music? WELL HERE’S A THING.


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