Coffee Time News 15/09/14


Guardians of the Galaxy has made $600 million worldwide, and is the first film of 2014 to make $300 million domestically, (that’s in the US).

Robert Downey Jr could be playing Leonardo Da Vinci in the upcoming Assassins’ Creed film. A pretty good fit if you ask me, as Da Vinci was the funniest part of AC2, and definitely provided a lot of the game’s character.

The as yet unnamed Bond 24 will most likely start filming in December of this year, after the brilliance that was Skyfall, I’m optimistic about this next instalment.


We’ve got a fair few promos for upcoming series and what not today, so here they all are in one big paragraph: We’ve got an Agents of SHIELD season 2 trailer, full of cheese but still exciting, a 30 second ‘next time trailer for Doctor Who Episode 5 and some new promo images for the next season of the Walking Dead.


The newest trailer for Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire has hit, and it showcases the new Primal versions of the legendary trio as well as some new Mega Evolutions.

Lucky club Nintendo members have been given Super Smash Bros Demo Codes for their 3DS’. For those who didn’t, the demo will be available to all from September 18th.

GTAV for the PS4 and Xbox One will be released on November 18th, but the PC players won’t be seeing it until January the 27th. I guess making it good enough for the Master Race takes time.


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