Coffee Time News 19/09/14


In a surprise to, well no one really, the writer for the Godzilla sequel, which was announced immediately after the Kaiju hit decimated the box office earlier this year, is the same fellow who penned the first film; Max Borenstein.

After being asked on Twitter what his favourite Marvel movie cameo was Stan Lee replied in his regular cheeky fashion and said a movie that we’ve not even seen yet. Apparently his favourite cameo is in Avengers 2.

Remember a while ago when we showed you the Deadpool test footage? Well apparently the response was so good that it required a freakin’ release date for the merc with a mouth, that’s right, the Deadpool film will be hitting cinemas on the 12th of February 2016.


You know how much we love synopsis here at Axby, well the CW has released some episode plans for the Arrow and the Flash, check it out here.

British actor and comedian Alexander Armstrong will be voicing Dangermouse in the upcoming CBBC reboot.

Aubrey Plaza, best known for playing April Ludgate in the fantastic Parks and Recreation will be voicing the meme Grumpy Cat in a Christmas special TV movie. I’m not kidding.


Microsoft has announced that they will be releasing a Xbox One controller for the PC, and it’s almost exactly the same.

Hyrule Warriors will have a bunch of DLC, you can check out the schedule and the pricing here.

The speedrun time for Halo Combat Evolved on Legendary difficulty has been broken, twice. Check out the quickest guy right here.


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