Coffee Time News 22/09/14


Pitch Perfect 2’s director, Elizabeth Banks, has released some plot details and the like for her upcoming sequel.

The Maze Runner, which released this weekend has shot to the top of the US box office raking in a brilliant $32.5 million, over double that of the second place contender.

I get it, it’s Monday, you don’t want serious news, so here’s a blooper reel from Xmen Days of Future past.


A new, darker poster along with a premier clip for the upcoming season 2 of Agents of SHIELD graces your screen.

The Arrow has a new poster, and the Flash has two new TV spots. 

Those interested in the Daredevil show that will be playing on Netflix may want to jump over to Flickering Myth where Marvel’s head of Television is talking about why he’s making the show and what we can expect.


GTA 5 could be getting a first person mode in the upcoming next gen edition, as well as a whole heap of changes and additions that you can find here.

The final DLC in controller destroying, heart ripping Dark Souls 2, Crown of the Ivory King has been delayed by a week, instead releasing on 30th of September for PC and Xbox and 1st of October for Playstation.


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