Sara’s Con Survival Guide

Hello dear readers. Although you probably didn’t notice my absence, I am back.

With EGX, LFCC Winter, MCM, and a ton of other conventions approaching I thought I’d give you my mini guide to surviving conventions.

1. First off, and I can’t say this enough: plan ahead. If you can get your tickets early, then do. It’ll save you the trouble of lining up for hours. I’d suggest managing your travelling plans (i.e. trains, buses etc) because delays and strikes are very common in big cities, e.g. London. Oh, and have back-up plans. Just in case.

2. Friends. Conventions are always more fun when you’re in a group. But don’t stress if you can’t find anyone to go with, you’re bound to meet a ton of lovely likeminded people at a convention!

3. If you’ve been to a convention before then you’re well aware of the dreaded con flu, so bring some antibacterial, limit shaking hands and don’t go licking any celebrities’ faces.

4. It’s likely to get very hot in there so stay hydrated by carrying a bottle of water with you at all times.

5. Wear comfortable shoes. This is VERY important. Although you might not realise it you will be doing quite a bit of walking so it’s vital to have a pair of shoes that won’t tear apart your tootsies.

6. Cosplayers beware: things might go wrong so bring some safety pins and other supplies in the event of cosplaying emergencies.

7. Food in convention venues tend to be rather overpriced so eat something before you go, bring yourself a little packed lunch, or even leave the convention for a little bit and check out the local cuisine.

8. Don’t spend your money in the first half hour. There are a lot of incredible and varied vendors at different conventions so you might spend all your money on something great then see something even better; then you’ll feel like a right ass.

9. Keep an eye on social media, especially twitter, for meetups, random events or changes to the schedule. Oh and share your experiences/photos because there might be a lonely soul out there feeling sorry for themselves because they couldn’t make (i.e. me during RTX).

10. Please, PLEASE, don’t stop right in the middle of the way. Just don’t do it.

11. Keep all your valuables safe in your bag. Things can get lost and even stolen in big crowds so just be cautious.

12. Bring a camera. You never know when you’re going to see an incredible Joker cosplay that you desperately need to take a photo of.

13. Oh, and have fun. Talk to new people, complement them on their cosplaying, meet your favourite stars and make some wonderful new memories. Too cheesy?

I’ll be off to EGX on Saturday so expect an update from me soon!


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