Coffee Time News 26/09/14


It’s time for a trailer filled Friday today; we’ve got a Jupiter Ascending trailer, the new Sci Fi excursion from the creators of the Matrix, complete with humanoid flying lizards. We’ve got a new trailer for Big Hero 6, which focusses on the relationship between a boy and his ‘bot. Finally we have the first trailer for Blackhat, the cybercrime hacker action film starring Chris Hemsworth.


The Flash and Arrow could come to blows in their upcoming crossover episode, in fact, here’s some set images of just that.

The Simpsons/Family Guy crossover has got some more clips, and at this rate, we’ll have seen everything ‘funny’ already, nevertheless, the episode airs on Sunday on Fox.

The second season of Agents of SHIELD opened well last week, so here’s some promo images for Episode 3; Making Friends and Influencing People.


Xbox Live’s Games for Gold for October have been announced; Xbox One will see Chariot for free all month, while 360 owners well get Battlefield Bad Company 2 for free until 15th and Darksiders 2 after that until the month’s end.

The holy hive cave of loot has been taken from players of Destiny this week; the cave which, if farmed right, would lead to an endless stream of easy to kill enemies which  dropped random loot was a popular tourist spot on Russia’s Cosmodrone, but the hive have retreated and Bungie has fixed the exploit.

Also in Destiny news, social chat may be a feature soon, in the form of an opt in choice.



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