Coffee Time News 29/09/14


Interstellar, the new sci fi film from that guy who did the film about Batman, has a new trailer, which gives just a little bit more away, but in classic Nolan fashion, not everything. We also have rumours that Avengers Age of Ultron’s trailer could be attached to Interstellar, in case you needed more reasons to go and watch it.

Oscar Isaac, one of the leads in the new Star Wars instalment, has spoken out about the myriad of changes Lucas has made to the original trilogy.

Peter Jackson has explained exactly what he’s doing to make the last few chapters of the Hobbit into a whole film, see his reasoning here.


Arrow fans may not have seen the last of Slade Wilson, AKA Deathstroke, after his imprisonment at the end of season 2 he’s left stranded, but alive. And with such a tantalising villain at their disposal, the writers may have more in store for him.

The Walking Dead, Tv’s most popular show about people arguing with the occasional threat of Zombies, is getting a companion series, and here you can read a bit about the characters you’ll be following until they inevitably die horribly.

The Flash is nearly upon us, and here is a new batch of character posters, because we’re kind like that.


A patch for Destiny this week will see its flawed loot system fixed, now engrams, the levelled loot that drops from enemies and is rewarded for activities will now actually be the rarity they advertise. This has come after the Loot Cave on Russia was nerf’d last week.

In a rather large sporting event this summer, a player bit another player and was subsequently banned, because biting people is something that we just don’t do in professional sport. In Fifa 15 the offending striker, Luis Suarez, is also banned for a time. (in case my sub par football knowledge has you confused, read about it here for clarity.)

Finally check this video out for a scary trailer for Alien Isolation, a game with barely any action, but will most likely have you screaming and crying like a little child.


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