Lazy Wednesday Lists: The 5 Most Iconic Vehicles in Film

By Joe Strange

It’s been a long while since we’ve done a list here at Axby, but that’s not without reason. Most everyone on the team has been working their little butts off during the summer in one way or another, and unfortunately, the lists were the most sensible article to lay off.

You may also notice that it’s not the weekend either, a while ago we swapped to lists on Wednesdays, mostly to lighten the load on the team and allow us the weekends to do more of what we wanted to do, as well as trying to catch up on behind the scenes stuff, so for a while you’ll still be getting your lists mid week.

Now that that’s out of the way, I should get on with the actual list; sometimes the vehicles our heroes drive are as big a stars as the actors who are in them, and some even define a film, so here is what we think to be the 5 most iconic vehicles in film.

5) The DeLorean – Back to the Future Series

Where we’re going, we don’t need roads. At least, as long as you travel to 2015, when apparently we’ll have hover cars, trash to fuel converters and everyone will wear see through ties and self tying shoelaces.

Unlike the majority of vehicles on this list, the DeLorean was meant to be an everyman’s car, or at least was before the company went bankrupt in the 80’s and stopped making them. Of course, this one is fitted with a flux capacitor, which as everyone knows is a necessity for time travel, that and plutonium.

Despite the less than stellar performance (just over 88 mph) and build, every guy wanted to step out of those iconic gull wing doors in a orange life preserver and take their gal to the enchantment under the sea dance.

The films had such an impact on the car that there are more than a few collectors out their who have dedicated their time to recreating the time travelling machine out of the now discontinued car.

4) The Aston Martin DB5 – James Bond Series

If the suit makes the man, then it could be said that the car does as well, and snappy suits and this incredible luxury motor made Bond seem twice the man he really was.

The vanilla version is tempting enough with its classic charm and appeal, but add machine guns, bullet proof tires and windscreen guard, and of course, the ejector seat, you’ve got a dream machine. Effortlessly cool and suave, the DB5 just oozes style.

It doesn’t hurt that it often appeared in the best Bond films; Goldfinger, Goldeneye and of course Skyfall, where it saw a grisly end, but had possibly the best reveal in cinematic vehicle history; in a locked garage.

Perhaps it’s because I grew up loving Sean Connery’s Bond films, but when I think of Bond, I have to think of the DB5.

3) The Millennium Falcon – Star Wars Original Trilogy

The Falcon can do the Kessel Run in under 12 par secs, CAN YOU?

In a series so littered with excellently designed space ships, from the rag tag Xwings to the huge star destroyers of the Empire, it was tricky to pick a winner for the Star Wars series, but in the end you have to take the crew into account, and without a doubt, the Falcon has the coolest crew in the galaxy; A roguish smuggler and his best Wookie friend.

Solo is the epitome of cool, carefree, go anywhere and a smuggler, smugglers are cool, especially space smugglers, but we have to admit that none of that would be the same if he didn’t have his ship.

Add that to the fact that it kind of saves the rebellion by turning up at the last moment, a true badass ship for a badass hero.

2) The Starship Enterprise – Star Trek Series

While the Millennium Falcon had two awesome crew members, the Enterprise, or the multiple iterations of it, have hosted more than a few fantastic characters, with even more fantastic missions.

The Enterprise isn’t just a vehicle, it’s a home, a home to aliens, humans and everything that happens between them.

While the details have changed through the years, it’s always had the same style of shape and characteristics, and that’s a very epic shape and characteristic, and you know a ship’s good when you’ve no choice but to name each ship after it the same damn thing.

1) The Batmobile – Batman series

It had to be didn’t it? The Batmobile is as part of our culture as much as Mario, Monopoly and Hugh Jackman. It’s not often that when a new film is on the horizon, it’s not the actor that gets all the attention, or the suit he wears, but the car he drives.

From the elongated, ridiculously styled Batman Forever-mobile to the Tumbler of Nolan’s films (it does come in black) the looks may have changed but the use has been the same; get Batman to crime as quick as possible, with as much style as you can muster.

Through the years there have been many Batmobiles, and you might argue that that’s counteractive to the idea of having an iconic vehicle, but much like the man who drives it, the Batmobile isn’t just a car, it’s a symbol.

A symbol that you can arm your ride to the teeth with guns and rockets and still somehow get away with that whole ‘I don’t kill people’ shtick.


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