Coffee Time News 03/10/14


Her Actor Joaquin Phoenix has officially passed on the role of Doctor Strange in the upcoming Marvel Feature, the hunt is back on for a Sorcerer Supreme.

Do you want to see a trailer for Pixar’s next big thing? Which is actually about little things? Here’s an INSIDE OUT trailer! Finally!

Leonardo DiCaprio has dropped out of the Steve Jobs biopic, seemingly to take a break from filming features back to back again.


The Walking Dead season 5 has a host of new features and trailers for your eyes and ears over here, enjoy.

Agents of SHIELD is introducing Ward’s brother as well as Mockingbird in this upcoming season, click here to get a run down on what this could mean for the season and the rest of the MCU,

Star Wars Rebels has been renewed for a second season, on the night before the first was aired. Now that’s quicker than the Godzilla sequel!


The loot patch for Destiny went live late on Wednesday night, now the Cryptarch isn’t as much of an asshat, as engrams will give you their real value and higher, instead of lower, as well as daily and weekly strikes giving you more apt loot.

Finally, there’s some images of Mega Rayquaza in the upcoming remake of Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire right here.



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