Coffee Time News 06/10/14


Robert Downey Jr has said that he’d make an Iron Man 4, with one condition; Mel Gibson directs it.

The Deadpool movie that was announced a few weeks ago will take place in the same universe as Days of Future Past. Which might mean that the mature rating we’ve been hoping for is a no go.

Guardians of the Galaxy has overtaken Thor the Dark World to become the fourth highest grossing Marvel movie, and it’s not out in China yet.


Brandon Routh’s character of Ray Palmer will be in Arrow, that much we know, but could it be that his super hero alter ego the Atom be suiting up in the Flash instead?

There’s a new clip here from Arrow, showing off the new, more menacing version of an old Villain; Count Vertigo.

Could Twin Peaks be making a return, 23 years after it aired? 


Halo 2 remastered could give us some more information for Halo 5; Guardians.

There’s a Doctor Who skin pack coming to Minecraft on the Xbox, with all your favourite villains and non medically trained doctors.


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