Coffee Time News 07/10/14


William Shatner will be appearing in Star Trek 3 as Captain Kirk (the old version) but no one is really sure how…

The Purge 3 is happening, and it’s retaining its director in James DeMonaco. We at Axby love the concept of the Purge, but it’s a shame it’s been done in such a, predictable, horror way.

Here’s a bunch of rumours surrounding Star Wars Episode 7, some sound fairly convincing so it’s worth checking out.


Yesterday we announced some teasers for Twin Peaks and its return to our screen, well… Turns out that if we had waited an hour or so to do our news we would have hit the actual showtime announcement.

Apparently the crossover between the Flash and Arrow will highlight the moody and super serious mood to Arrow by poking fun at it, but also will include one of the biggest twists in Oliver Queen’s Story.

Finally for TV here’s a teaser for Penny Dreadful season 2.


We’ve got a new trailer for Assassins’ Creed Unity which shows off some more of that story that we love, a little more on Arno as well, making me less apprehensive that we’re going to have another Connor on our hands.

Some maniac has finished Dark Souls 2. That’s not the maniacal thing, the maniacal thing is that he’s done it using a Guitar Hero controller. 

The Metal Gear Solid 5 prologue ‘Ground Zeroes’ is coming to PC this December 18th.


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