No Added Spoilers; The Flash Pilot

By Joe Strange

So normally you’d be seeing one of our Lazy Wednesday Lists here today, but since the Flash premièred on the CW last night and my usual spot for Friday is taken up by Page to Screen for the next few weeks I thought I’d pull rank and put this more relevant article up today, so without further ado let’s get started with this Flash Pilot.

For those who have seen the second series of Arrow, you’ll know that Barry Allen was introduced as a member of Central City’s CSI team, who sneaks off to Oliver Queen’s Starling City to investigate some crazy stuff that’s going on. The motive for this is simple, his mother was killed in some similar crazy stuff and he’s looking for leads.

At the end of that particular arc we see Barry get home for the switching on of the Star Labs Atom Collider. Of course it doesn’t go well and a freak accident sees Barry being struck by lightening and getting put into a coma.

The episode picks up at Barry’s return from Starling City, and from there it’s fairly fast paced, as you would expect from a show about the fastest man alive. Exposition is rife, simply because there’s new characters and back story to explain but it’s done in a very sensitive way, instead of some of the more heavy handed tactics that can be used.

The assumption is that you know the deal with Barry, but even if you’ve not seen the aforementioned Arrow story line you’re still welcome as it’s all explained well without being too repetitive for those who do know. You will be reminded throughout the episode about people not being on time, or not fast enough, or too late, and once you notice it it does become a joke at its own expense, and I hope they dial it back a bit later.

The cast seems more than capable as well; the speedster himself, Grant Gustin, is charming as a generally unappreciated genius in his home town compared to the adoration he had in Team Arrow, Tom Cavanagh, who plays Harrison Wells, a completely new character not from the comics, is great as the tortured ‘I’ve lost everything’ mentor. Meanwhile Danielle Panabaker and Carlos Valdes play two roles that might seem a little similar to fans of SHIELD as the engineer and biological scientists. Overall, the acting is good, and not half as stiff as Arrow’s first few episodes gave us, and the characters show a lot of potential to develop.

The Pilot was that it wasn’t as funny as the press have lead us to believe. It’s by no means as dark and brooding as Arrow, but it wasn’t as funny as I expected it, but it was a pilot and primarily an introduction to the new world we’re in that’s full of ‘meta-humans’, so the focus has the potential to shift in later episodes. There were also some surprisingly touching moments, especially towards the end of the episode.

One thing that was interesting is that the majority of the trailers for the show focus on the events of the Pilot, which, while making the pilot seem a little more familiar than we would like, means that we’ll be seeing a lot more new footage later in the season.

I will definitely be tuning in next week for the next instalment, and I’d advise you too as well, there’s action, fun and intrigue on the horizon, and it’s always good to get another dose of super heroes in your week.



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