Coffee Time News 10/10/14


Wes Ball, the director of the Maze Runner has voiced his feelings on splitting the third book in the series into two films, a very common choice in Hollywood at the minute. Spoiler; he doesn’t want to do it.

Inferno, the Ron Howard and Tom Hanks project based on the Dan Brown novel, has been delayed after accidentally penning the same release date as Star Wars.

Big Hero 6 has a new trailer, and this time it shows off a bit more of the characters that we haven’t seen much of yet!


Flash fans look out, because we’ve got some on set photos of one of the Flash’s biggest villains. Click at your own risk.

Gotham has a new featurette that focuses on the crime underworld that the show is so keen on.

And we have two new promos for the next episode of Arrow. We have a very DC heavy day today don’t we?


There’s a closed Alpha for Evolve coming at the end of the month, you can sign up on the official site.

Another wordy teaser for Tell Tales Game of Thones game.

And finally we’ve got more mega evolutions coming to the Ruby and Sapphire remakes. Birds Bugs and Dragons.


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