Coffee Time News 15/10/14


Ewan McGregor could be running for the Sorcerer Supreme mantle, now this is just rumour, but wouldn’t you like to see McGregor in the MCU?

Pirates of the Caribbean 5 (Dead Men Tell No Tales) could star terrifying Javier Bardem (Skyfall, No Country for Old Men) as the main antagonist. I’m okay with this.

Less conjecture now, and here’s a poster for Jurassic World. The Park is Open people. Get ready to ride Velociraptors.


Well it’s reached that point in the week where all we’ve got is promos, so here’s a few images from Agents of SHIELD Season 2 episode six, and new promos for the Walking Dead and Gotham.


The Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire demo launches in 6 days, on the 21st of October, but lucky sonofas will be getting special promo codes in the e-post.

Shovel Knight, the adorable and charming Sidescrolling adventure/action game where you play as a knight who wields a shovel, is finally coming to the WiiU and 3DS in Europe and Australia.

Check over here at Polygon for a detailed look at what exactly is new in the Definitive edition of Sleeping Dogs for the Xbox One and PS4.


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