Coffee Time News 17/10/14


Pacific Rim 2 will start filming in 2015, and there’s even plans for Pacific Rim 3. More Robots.

Minecraft will be being made into a film, helmed by Night of the Museum director Shawn Levy.

DC have announced their film line up through to 2020, with two films a year from 2016. The line up includes a Wonder Woman solo movie (finally), Aquaman and the Green Lantern. Check out the full details here.


Bewitched is being rebooted in TV form, after an attempt at being made into a film with Will Ferrell (2005) and while it only just made its money back, people are hopeful there’s still a market for the series.

Despite not wanting to bog down the series with flashbacks, Game of Thrones may be heading that way in the upcoming season.

Check out this new promo video for Agents of SHIELD season 2 episode 5, a hen in the wolf house.


The Playstation 4 has a new Firmware upgrade for you and for release in the Fall, it includes Music playback, folder sorting and more, still no sign of sorting trophies chronologically though.

343 industries has announced Halo Spartan Strike,  a successor to Halo Spartan Assualt. It will be another twin stick shooter and will only be available on Windows and Steam Platforms.


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