Coffee Time News 20/10/14


Tom Hardy is in the running to play the first mutant on earth Apocalypse in Xmen: Apocalypse. First Bane now Apocalypse? Has he got dibs on all the iconic villains or something?

Big Hero 6 has more new clips with more new footage!

Post Edgar Wright Antman will be more aggressive, cleaner and bigger than the original script, but fear not Wright fans, his mark still remains in the script and character development.


You can check out the first images of the Sand Snakes of Dorne from the next series of Game of Thrones right here.

Anyone fancy having a sneaky look at Adrianne Palicki as Mockingbird in the next episode of Agents of SHIELD? Of course you do.

Clips galore of the next episode of Gotham right here; 4 to be precise. 


Sunset Overdrive has a cheeky little message for reviewers; in short, don’t go for the overly obvious, lazy puns.

One of the best parts about Assassins’ Creed is the host of historical Characters you get to meet, like the hilarious and charming Da Vinci. Well here’s an introduction to some of the names you’ll get to see in AC Unity.

The Halo Master Chief collection will be available for digital preload in ‘most places’ on November 11th. Check out the details (and how many G’s it’ll take up) here.


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