Coffee Time News 21/10/14


Rob Riggle (22 Jump Street) will be playing Frank West in the upcoming film adaptation of the video game series Dead Rising, named Dead Rising: Watchtower.

Disney have a new animated show on the horizon by the name of Moana, they’ve released a date area of late 2016, and some artwork. It’s a long way off yet (2 years, damn) but it looks pretty from the two scenes we have!

Guardians of the Galaxy 2 will focus on the universe and not just one story, James Gunn has come out and said.


Arrow has collared Vinny Jones (the Juggernaught b!tch) to be Brick, an invulnerable crime boss in Star City. Though considering Arrow’s new ‘no superpower’ stance, he may just be tough as nails.

The Flash soon to be star Robbie Amell talks here about his character Firestorm and what things we have to look forward to seeing with his character.

Ever wanted to see a Khal doing the Haka? Of course you have.


Steam has pulled the game ‘Paranautical Activity’ from its service after the creator sent a death threat tweet to Gabe Newell. You know, death threats? That’s just good business practice.

Civilisation 5 is free on Steam this week, up until Thursday, to get ready for the launch of Civilisation: Beyond Earth.

Finally I present to you the planned update for the Xbox One, including theme changes and store improvements.


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