Coffee Time News 22/10/14


Next Tuesday the trailer for the Avengers Age of Ultron will air during Agents of SHIELD, so we can probably expect to see an official online release not long after (because lets face it, Marvel know that it will be online within minutes anyway)

Interstellar has received positive reactions from those who have seen the advanced screenings, making a lot of people all the more excited for Nolan’s next film.

The Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 1 has a brief, new, TV spot for you right here.


The Flash has received a full season order, which means that we’ll be treated to a whole 22 episodes of the first season, which isn’t surprising considering the buzz and figures of the shows first two episodes.

Static Shock will be getting the live action treatment; the DC hero will be turned into a new series by Reginald Hudlin. (Django Unchained)

Have a quick cheeky sneak peak at the Constantine pilot, go on, you know you want to.


This gameplay trailer for Xbox One Exclusive Sunset Overdrive has colour, fun, guns and puke. Seriously, what’s not to like?

Shadow of Mordor has got some free DLC available right now on the Xbox One, and will be coming soon for the PC and PS4. The Power of Shadow DLC is only skins and new runes, no actual story advancements.

Speaking of DLC, Alien Isolation is getting its first batch on the 28th of October in Corporate Lockdown. Check out the details and price here.


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