Coffee Time News 27/10/14


Lego Movie Directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller won’t only be directing the sequel to the incredible successful Lego Movie, but are now on task to write the next in the series.

The 7th Fast and Furious instalment will be named Furious 7, and will have a new trailer out next week.

Guardians of the Galaxy just keeps on giving; it’s now passed Xmen Days of Future Past to become the highest grossing comic book movie of the year, and the third highest grossing movie of 2014.


Constantine premièred on Friday night, against the World Series, but despite that it managed to hold its own, a promising start to yet another DC television series.

Speaking of DC comic shows, Gotham is still going well, and here’s a little featurette focussing on the relationship between Selina Kyle, Bruce Wayne and Jim Gordon.

Finally, for those who think that because ‘Hydra’ leaked the Avengers 2 trailer a week early Marvel don’t have anything planned for their show Agents of SHIELD next week, think again, and tune in. New Footage Ahead.


The second travel journal from Far Cry 4’s marketing campaign is out, and it focusses on fighting pits and avalanches. 

Scrolls, the Mojang game that isn’t Minecraft, should be out by the end of November, apparently. It’s an interesting combination of strategy, card collection and turn based battles.

Finally, for anyone who loves Smash Bros, but hasn’t got their hands on the WiiU version, here’s the opening cinematic for you.


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