Coffee Time News 04/11/14


Could Gwen Stacy be returning to the Spiderman universe? It’s happened in the comics before, so why not the films? Bearing in mind that this is all rumours at this point.

Rob Liefeld, the man behind the merc with a mouth has confirmed that Ryan Reynolds will be Deadpool in the upcoming feature.

Christian Bale has dropped out of the Steve Jobs Biopic after stating that he doesn’t feel he’s right for the part.


Grumpy Cat, voiced by Parks and Rec’s Aubrey Plaza stars in its first trailer for its Christmas special feature. It’s more or less exactly what you’d expect.

Archer Season 6 has its first trailer too, it’s more of a teaser/ music video. It’s pretty rad.

The Scarecrow, one of the most iconic Batman villains, will be heading to Gotham, not only that but it seems that there is a family connection, allowing the creepster to be an antagonist for both Jim Gordon and Batman in the future.


A trail version of Dragon Age Inquisition is available to those signed up to EA access five days before the official release of the game. Read more here.

Here’s 60 seconds to show off the plethora of combat scenarios you’ll face in Far Cry 4.

Retro City Rampage DX Remastered is heading to the games’ original platforms as well as two new ones this month.


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