Coffee Time News 05/11/14


Antman’s Synopsis has been changed ever so slightly, now, instead of being a conman, Paul Rudd’s Scott Lang will be a master thief, which should fit in better with the whole ‘stealing the Antman equipment deal’.

Chris Nolan isn’t a fan of post credits scenes; in response to a question about Man of Steel including a potentially world building PCS, Nolan has said ‘A real movie wouldn’t do that’. Thems fighting words there.

After the loss of Christian Bale, for the Steve Jobs Biopic Sony are now eyeing  up Xmen’s Michael Fassbender for the role.


Despite claiming that season 3 of Arrow won’t be superpower heavy (after the mirakuru filled second season) Brandon Routh’s character Ray Palmer (Also known as the Atom (DC’s Antman)) could be sizing down in the series after all if this tweet is to be believed.

In this extended preview of Agent Carter, we get to see the relationship between Carter and Stark as well as a proper look at Jarvis, the human butler. 

SyFy is out to adapt 3001: The Final Odyssey, Arthur C. Clarke’s final odyssey entry into a mini series. Bold move.


First Person view is coming to current Gen GTA V, with all areas covered, it gives the plays a chance to experience Los Santos at eye level with the hordes of people they’re off killing.

Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire have a new comprehensive trailer that shows off all the fun things you’ll be able to do in the 3DS remake.

It’s finally happened, pools are back in the Sims 4, for free! There’s a whole host of new features with them, including the ability to change the depth and changes to placement rules.



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