Coffee Time News 10/11/14


The Suicide Squad film has its Harley Quinn, Margot Robbie, who you’ll probably remember from Wolf of Wall Street, should bring some pretty important qualities to the role that we’ve seen (see Sex appeal and the ability to be a badass)

The Hunger Games Mockingjay has a new clip out, it sees Natalie Dormer’s character introducing Katniss to her new crew.

Warcraft, the World of Warcraft movie, has a few cast members as well as some Artwork, which looks pretty neat.


Adrianne Palicki talks about her role as Mockingbird in Agents of SHIELD, and her hopes to keep a handle on the character for a while yet, as well as Bobbi’s relationship with her in comic husband Cint Barton.

Here’s five clips of the Simpsons/Futurama crossover that’s on its way.

The biggest sit com in the US, the Big Bang Theory, has its own Lego set. Yep,


Overwatch is a charmingly bright, class based shooter from Blizzard (those guys behind that tiny multiplayer game World of Warcraft) it’s got a heap of classes all with distinct designs and personality and you can check out a gameplay video here as well as a cinematic trailer.

The latest Xbox One update has started launching, and is focussed on customisation. The details are here. 

Fans of the grappling hooking/parachuting/pure madness that is Just Cause 2 might be happy to know that the sequel won’t be Free to Play,  and there’s an announcement coming in a few days.


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