Coffee Time News 12/11/2014


Strange Magic, an animated film from Lucasfilm has a 2015 release date, and it’s pretty early, hitting cinemas on January 23rd.

The rumour that we reported yesterday about there being an Aunt May Spiderman spin off was utter bullhockey according to Sony, who debunked the myth today.

Interstellar has had a great first weekend in the UK, taking over 5 million and the top spot for the weekend, the Nolan film missed out on the top spot in America to Big Hero 6.


G.R.R. Martin, author of the Song of Ice and Fire series has debunked claims that he’s already finished the last books in the series, Martin usually writes one episode of Game of Thrones a season but will take season 5 off to work on Winds of Winter.

Here’s a sneak peak at the next Gotham offering which features everyone’s favourite district attorney; Harvey Dent (I believe).

Amazon’s Pilot season line up includes comedies, period pieces and dramas of varying length, check out the complete list (with casting) here. 


Assassins Creed Unity came out yesterday and it is filled to the brim with bugs and, worst of all for the next generation of consoles; it’s filled with terrible framerate issues, just look at this example.

Towerfall Ascension; one of the best party games I’ve played in a long time, and with friends it’s a complete time sink, will be getting new content come the new year. 

Just Cause 3 has a release date! And in other news, reports of Microtransactions have been defended; we won’t be having them in the game. 



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