Coffee Time News 18/11/14


Jurassic World is on its way, and a promo site has popped up with a load of images, it would also seem that a trailer could be on the horizon.

Speaking of teaser trailers, there’s some details on the teaser trailer for the Force Awakens, which could be attached to Into the Woods.

Natalie Dormer, in an interview for the Mockingjay part 1, has some things to say about gender irrelevance in cinema, and it’s a pretty simple, but spot on point of view. 


NBC’s the Blacklist could be starring Ron Perlman as a big bad thief who causes chaos everywhere,

HBO has ordered a TV series based on the Michael Chrichton novel ‘Westworld’. It will be penned by Jonathan Nolan, who’s worked on the screenplays for both his brother’s work in Interstellar and the Dark Knight.

If you didn’t catch Gotham last night, here are 6 clips from the episode; Harvey Dent.


Patches galore today as both Destiny and Assassin’s Creed Unity see big patches. Check out Destiny’s lengthy update here, which prepares not only for the launch of Iron Banner today but also for the DLC coming next month, and AC Unity’s is here though the framerate issues are still around.

Finally check out this epic launch trailer for Dragon Age Inquisition. Chilling no?


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