Coffee Time News 19/11/14


Inside out, Pixar’s movie emotional emotion movie, has some character posters and clips to show you.

Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar has a prequel comic called Absolute Zero, spoiler warning for Interstellar ahead.

Casting rumours for Xmen Apocalypse have already begun, with the casting for young Scott Summers and young Jean Grey at the forefront, check here for the details.


Peter Capaldi will definitely be returning as the Doctor for the 9th season, and there are a few theories on what could happen with Jenna Louise Coleman’s character to be found here.

Toy Story that time Forgot has a couple of trailers to be found here, and will air in early December.

Golden Globe winning crime drama Luthor is getting an American remake, while Idris Elba won’t be reprising his role as Luthor, he will be on in an executive producer role.


Eiji Aonuma discusses the changes that we’ll see in the hugely anticipated remake of Majora’s Mask, including fishing and boss fight changes.

GTA V for PS4 and Xbox One has had some teething issues in its online department (it wouldn’t be GTA V without it really would it?) but Rockstar are patching character import issues.

The creators behind Monkey Island, the quintessential adventure game on PC have started up a no frills Kickstarter for their new project Thimbleweed Park.



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