Coffee Time News 21/11/14


Guardians of the Galaxy was a lot of fun, but you know what’s even more fun? These bloopers.

Ridley Scott has announced that Prometheus 2 will have a fresher kind of alien, which is to say the Xenomorph (and that abomination we saw in Prometheus) will be absent.

Pitch Perfect 2 has a trailer. Now, I’m unashamedly excited for this film, considering I’ve seen the originals far more times than I can count.


Better Call Saul has a trailer now, as well as a release date and air time, February 8th will see the return of Breaking Bad’s lawyer, but whether it will live up to the explosive popularity of the original series is still be be decided.

Days after we reported that Luthor will be getting a US adaption, Idris Elba will be reprising his character in two specials next year, which will shoot in March.

The Flash is quickly becoming my favourite show on television, and the eighth episode of the season, as well as the eighth episode of its sister show Arrow will be a crossover between the two, and here’s some images from it.


The intro cinematic for Destiny’s first DLC the Dark Below, which will see players taking on Crota, the Hive God, has been leaked and can be watched here.

The Cast of Telltale’s Game of Thrones game will be alien to most people who are invested in the show, as well as a little new to those who’ve read the books, but there’s a rundown here as well as the first trailer, which is proof that we’ll be playing with familiar characters as well as new.

Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor has seen another Skin released for free, this time it’s the female character Lithariel, who is the daughter of the queen of Nurn. Lithariel is introduced halfway through the story but the skin will be playable all through the game, though the cutscenes and cinematics won’t be effected.


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