Coffee Time News 24/11/14


Jurassic World has a new teaser trailer, which gives us a look at the park and the atmosphere we’ll be seeing in next year’s film. It looks like it’s heading back to its roots, with many of the shots looking similar to the 1993 original, a full trailer will be released this Thursday.

Into the Woods, the film based on the popular musical which will see its release in early 2015 has a new clip featuring Emily Blunt, James Corden and Meryl Streep.

The Hunger Games Mockingjay part one has seen the best opening weekend of the year taking $123 million, but while that’s great, it’s been the weakest opening weekend of the series.


Gotham, one of Axby’s favourite shows on TV at the moment, has over 8 minutes of footage from the mid season finale which airs tomorrow and is named ‘Lovecraft’ mid season spoilers ahead.

Mark Gatiss, co creator of Sherlock talked with screenrant about the future of the series, and what we can expect from season 4, it’s dark folks, I’m excited.


Four V One shooter/monster warfare multiplayer Evolve will have two types of DLC; DLC that you have to pay for, that in the way of new Monsters and new Hunters, and absolutely free DLC in the ways of maps. And the best thing? People will be able to play against/alongside those paid characters even if they haven’t bought the packs.

Speaking of free DLC, Driveclub suffered has suffered some issues in the last month and a half since its launch, so as an apology, the next batch of DLC will be free.

Those worried that the Game of Thrones Telltale game won’t capture the epicness of the books or show can rest easy, as the story will span 6 episodes.


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