Coffee Time News 25/11/14


Inside Llewyn Davis star Oscar Isaac, who will be starring in The Force Awakens has landed the role of Apocalypse in Xmen Apocalypse. For those who don’t know, Apocalypse is considered to be the first mutant, and definitely one of the most powerful.

Michelle Maclaren, producer of Breaking Bad, has won the mantle of directing  the Wonder Woman solo movie.

We reported a while ago that Christoph Waltz could be the main villain in Bond 24, but rumour has it that he won’t just be a villain, but THE villain, as the iconic Blofeld.


Rachel McAdams (Sherlock Holmes) and Taylor Kitsch (Gambit from Xmen Origins) have both been confirmed for True Detective season 2.

The cast of Arrow and The Flash have a few things to say about the upcoming crossover episode, and a little bit of explanation about why the two heroes are fighting. Mild spoilers ahead.

Constantine’s production has been put on hold after the first run of 13 episodes, but that’s not to say a second season won’t happen, I mean, Community is still going.


Today we’ve got three videos for you, first up is the announcement that Dark Souls 2 will be coming to this generation of consoles, and there’s a trailer for you, like most good remakes it will include all the released DLC and some new features and will be released in April of next year.

The second video is a gameplay trailer for Batman Arkham Knight, which shows off the seamless switching from Batmobile to Batman, as well as a bit more of Scarecrow’s story and schemes.

The final video is a first look at the Dark Below, the first DLC for Destiny courtesy of Game Informer.


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