Reaction Times: Jurassic World Trailer

By Joe Strange

The fourth Jurassic Park film has a long, bumpy road behind it, among those hiccups were the rumoured dinosaur/human hybrids that didn’t sit well with fans, but eventually we’ve arrived at today’s release of the first trailer for Colin Trevorrow’s Jurassic World.

Set 22 years after the events of the first film, attentive viewers will note that this will be the – difference come its release in 2015, and the series returns to Isla Neblar, the setting for Jurassic Park (1993). In that time John Hammond’s dream has become a reality and a fully functional dinosaur park is the talk of the world, and the holiday destination of two young children (a series staple) as well as a few hundred more punters, as can be seen on the fancy boat ferrying visitors to the park.

The trailer refrains from an awful lot, choosing to go the eerie and disconcerting route instead of going the full on blockbuster route of ‘here’s every action set piece crushed into 2 minutes’ and it’s definitely better for it.

The first half of the trailer establishes the premise and the park; Jurassic World is a well funded, safe and socially accepted holiday destination, clearly the events of the last three films were brushed excellently under the mat by InGen.

There’s the iconic huge gates, a transportation tram, a Biosphere in which you can ride around and observe the giant herbivores that DO move in herds (More like Herdivores right?) and you can even kayak down a river surrounded by stegosaurus. I mean, really it looks like a lovely place to spend a- Holy crap is that a great white shark on a feeding line?

From the scene with the seaworld inspired amphitheatre the trailer takes the disconcerting turn, the epic music reduces to a single high pitched note and then, silence.

Silence as a giant mosasaur emerges from the water with a roar and plucks the apex predator from its line, accompanied with the delighted gasps as the crowd is drenched from the wake of the monster’s landing.

From there it’s a different trailer; a low rumble like growl fades in and out as the lighting darkens and we get that classic Jurassic Park hubris filled voice over, boasting about the genetic advancements and, of course, the movie’s main attraction (aside from Chris Pratt, that man’s dreamy), the Prehistoric Prius; the dinosaur hybrid.

We then see the aforementioned Chris Pratt as a hunter kind of fellow, reminiscent of Bob Peck’s Muldoon, but with the cautious overtones of Dr Ian Malcolm, being introduced to the whole ‘hybrid dino’ topic.

Then the trailer turns the chilling up to 11; a slowed down piano version of the original’s iconic theme tune plays over the terror and realisation that the park is in danger (no duh). We see broken gyrospheres, sliced hats and dripping blood, as well as a very Ellen Ripley-esk shot with female lead Bryce Dallas Howard. But the real spine tingle moment is the gutteral growl as the young man we’re introduced to at the beginning hides in what seems to be a giftshop, with a shadow passing over him.

And then, when you think the trailer is done giving, it shows you Chris Pratt riding a motorcycle alongside a pack of raptors.

Already getting mixed responses, I honestly think that the trailer is a great step in the right direction, aside from the fact that I’m super excited for the film, it’s proof that Hollywood can do excellent, engaging trailers without showing off all the best bits, a habit we see far too much of nowadays.

Jurassic World Stars Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard and Judy Greer and will be released on June 12th.



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