Coffee Time News 25/11/14


Now You See Me star Mark Ruffalo has been instagraming at work again, and has leaked the sequel’s subtitle, because calling a sequel ‘Now You See Me 2’ would be so last decade, The sequel is shooting now and will be titled Now You See Me The Second Act and will be out on June 10th next year.

Ridley Scott has confirmed that Bladerunner 2 will start production within the next year, but has also confirmed that he will not be directing the sequel which will star Harrison Ford.

The trailer for Jurassic World was released last night, you can check it out here, and why not swing by Joe’s Reaction Time on the release while you’re at it.


The Christmas episode of Doctor Who has a title, ‘Last Christmas’ will air, surprisingly, on Christmas day and will star Peter Capaldi, Jenna Louise Coleman and Nick Frost.

A new image that’s been released in anticipation for Sherlock season 4 (in 2016) and the special that’s coming next year, producer Sue Vertue released it on twitter yesterday and it shows off a brand new moustache and some period dress for the detectives.

We love the Flash at Axby, as well as Arrow, and so we’re super keen for the crossover event next week, and to satiate that keenness, here’s a trailer giving us a little more information on what to expect from the two part episode that will air next Tuesday and Wednesday.


Minecraft for the Xbox 360 and One editions of the game are getting a Star Wars skin pack, which includes dozens of characters from the original trilogy. check out the list here.

Another patch is being released today for Assassin’s Creed Unity, working on over 90 crashes, bugs and frame rate issues. 

Telltale are a busy studio at the minute, with critically acclaimed series such as The Walking Dead and the Wolf Among Us under their belt, they’ve got two more series in the works; The Game of Thrones six part series, as well as Tales from the Borderlands, which starts it’s release today on consoles in America. Click the link for more information and a new launch trailer.


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