Coffee Time News 01/12/14


Not that you’ll need told, but the Star Wars; The Force Awakens trailer hit the world on Friday, so why not go and watch it again for the eleventhty billionth time?

The first official synopsis of the Fantastic Four can be found here and mentions alternate dimensions and Universes, perhaps a Universe where the first two films didn’t suck, or just didn’t exist.

The Hobbit; the battle of the Five Armies, has a heap load of new promotional material for you to feast on before it’s release on the 17th of Decemeber.


Agent Carter has a new promo feature showcasing some of the main characters baddassery, Agent Carter will be an 8 episode miniseries that will air during the mid season break of Agents of SHIELD.

Fans of Daredevil, and the upcoming Netflix iteration might want to check this article on the show’s darker tone and Miller inspired atmosphere. 

Once again Robbie Amell talks about his role in the Flash as Firestorm, and talks about the potential for a team up with his cousin from Arrow.


The Telltale Game of Thrones game will launch  tomorrow on the PS4 and PC and Mac, the 360 and One version will follow on Wednesday. With a full trailer airing later today.

You know you can still get free games for your consoles each month? Well here’s a list of Decembers.



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