Coffee Time News 02/12/14


Principle photography for The Suicide Squad will begin in September of next year, with the film set to release in August of 2016, while the full cast hasn’t been officially announced there is a lot of talk which implies that they’re close to giving us the goods.

Interstellar has crossed half a billion in the global Box Office, making it the directors fourth biggest hit.

In the wake of the Star Wars The Force Awakens trailer, Mark Hamill has announced that he was asked about his ‘Obi-Wan’ type character almost over 30 years ago.


The first episode in the Flash Vs Arrow Crossover airs tonight, and to get you ready here’s an extended trailer for the team up.

The final season of Parks and Recreation will begin airing on January 13th for six weeks. Yup, only six weeks of Parks and Rec, but fear not, as the episodes will be back to back each week in an hour slot.

The 27th of February will see the return of House of Cards on Netflix, get ready to binge Spacey fans.


Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby have had a great launch in the UK, in fact, the biggest in the franchise’s British history.

Dragon Age Inquisition is an incredibly immersive and enjoyable game, and one of the biggest reasons for that is the charm of the developed cast of characters. Well unfortunately there’s a bug going around that will see your followers silenced on your walkabouts.

Destiny has seen it’s fair share of big updates, and this week is no exception; A change to how exotics work and the ability to buy upgrade materials come to the Tower this week. Check out Bungie’s blog here.


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