Reaction Time: The Flash VS Arrow Part 1

By Sara Da Silva

Hello all, as you might very well know, The Flash aired last night, as per usual, but this wasn’t any typical episode. The episode was the first part of a Flash / Arrow crossover that concludes tonight. So, in fashion, this article will be the first of two parts.

Beware: full episode spoilers ahead.

Of course, you cannot have a Flash / Arrow crossover without my beloved Arrow. I had the exact same look on my face that Barry did when the Arrow appeared in the episode. The look of pure joy. Digg’s continuous dumbfounded reaction was rather beautiful too. Drool and all.

I really admire how the writers managed to combine both story lines together for this crossover. Arrow, in the Flash, took off exactly where it ended last week, thankfully. So that means more Captain Boomerang, and that just makes for a happier viewer. And of course, there’s no such thing as an episode of the Arrow without some sort of training. So, Barry gets a little training session with Oliver. Was it only me that was disappointed in the amount of shirts being worn during that scene?

Along with Captain Boomerang, we have Roy Bivolo, AKA Prism, a meta human who has the power of manipulating emotions and bringing out complete rage in other humans. But, of course, that’s not it. We also have the Flash pinned against the Arrow, thanks to Bivolo. This was a little heartbreaking to begin with but then amazingly awesome after that. With Barry all better now, the new crime fighting relationship between Oliver and Barry looks like it’ll be something wonderful.

The start of the episode was fairly centred around Barry’s infatuation with Iris. The Flash certainly is a lot smoother than Barry when it comes to the ladies, but does he really expect this to go well? After all, we know things that have yet to be revealed in the show. So, with Eddie slowly becoming the number 1 enemy of both Barry and the Flash, this could get complicated.

The side plot of Iris having Oliver Queen on her “three list” (list of people she can cheat on Eddie with) seemed a bit unnecessary, but I suppose it just added to the tension between the Flash and the Arrow. So, touché writers.

PS. Oliver Queen is on my three list; he’s number 1, 2 and 3.

Sticking with the love theme: as always, it’s always nice to see more interaction between Barry and Felicity, although I restrict all my “feels” for Felicity and Oliver. Oliver gave Barry a little bit of goodbye advice and told him to give up on Iris, telling him that “guys like us don’t get the girl”. Shut your beautiful face.

We also got a pretty major plot twist with one of Oliver’s old flames coming back, along with the knowledge of Oliver’s child, which hasn’t been officially announced, but is most definitely true. Looks like the Queen family will be gaining a member, rather than losing one. The writers sure are testing my patience. I cannot wait for tonight’s episode of Arrow.

The first part of the crossover was everything I wanted and more.

So, to be continued…


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