Coffee Time News 08/12/14


Star Trek 3’s Robert Orci has stepped down as director, which leaves the project with one less runner. Who could take up the mantle?

Paramount have launched a ‘for your consideration’ campaign for the highest grossing movie of this year; Transformers Age of Extinction. The campaign? Best Picture at the academy awards.

Reports, er, report that Warner Brothers have approached Christopher Nolan to direct the adaptation of the novel ‘Ready Player One’.


Fans of Community take a seat; I’ve got two new images from the upcoming Yahoo! Movies season, with two images of the new cast members and a run down of their characters.

The Arrow Vs Flash was a highlight of this television season, and now you can re-watch the superhero fight right here.

Stan Lee will cameo in episode 4 of Agent Carter it’s been announced.


Nintendo recently released a first look at the new Legend of Zelda game, showing off it’s open world and huge map.

Shovel Knight is coming to Playstation! PS4, PS3 and the Vita will see the tiny knight next year, along with a special boss!

Check out Polygon’s storystream for all the news from this year’s Video Game Awards.


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