Coffee Time News 10/12/14


A few days ago we announced that Roberto Orci stepped down as the director for Star Trek 3, but he’s recently announced that he hasn’t left the project completely, and will be staying on as a producer. Also, there’s no time travel, he was quite insistent on that part.

Ah, we’ve got to the point where there’s teasers for trailers. Well later today we’ll see our first real trailer for Inside Out fro Pixar, but until then here’s a teaser for that.

Marvel were very keen to have Spiderman in Captain America Civil War, which, if you’ve read the source material, isn’t surprising; he’s kind of a big deal. Sony even approached Sam Raimi about the feature. More details here.


The pilot for the live action series based on Teen Titans (called Titans) will begin shooting next year. There’s also a chance that the series could crossover with DC’s other television properties; The Flash and Arrow.

Two pieces of news now for Agents of SHIELD, and it’s quite important I get these links right;

If you want to read about how the Avengers Age of Ultron will be presented in Season 2 of Agents of SHIELD click here.

If you’ve already seen the midseason finale that aired last night, and want a run down on the origins of an important character in the show click here. BUT THERE ARE MAJOR SHOW SPOILERS THERE.


The first piece of story based DLC for Sunset Overdrive entitled the Mystery of Mooil Rig and will released on the 23rd of December.

Destiny fans who haven’t bought the first DLC the Dark Below, are in for a disappointing weekly strike, it’s one of the strikes that came with the DLC and therefore is locked if you’ve not bought it.

In other Destiny news, the Dark Below Raid, Crota’s end has been beaten by Invigorate Gaming, who were the first to best the original raid; the Vault of Glass.


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