Coffee Time News 12/12/14


Boy howdie do we have a bunch of trailers for you today, so I’m just going to get them out of the way in one big, Ace Ventura style breath; *Inhale* Kingsman Secret Service has a redband trailer for those who don’t mind swearing, but also a greenband for those at work, it’s due to release on the 13th of Febuary next year. The first trailer for Inside Out from Pixar came out yesterday and it’s worth a watch. And finally there’s the trailer for Mad Max Fury Road, which is one of the more unique trailers I’ve seen this quarter.

And as if you needed telling, the names for the characters we saw in the recent Star Wars the Force Awakens trailer have been announced in a pretty nifty way.


The Flash has only just left our screens and we’ve already got a promo for the first episode of the next half of the season entitled; Revenge of the Rogues, it focusses on Barry getting faster, or trying to.

Blair Underwood (L.A Law) will be joining the Agents of SHIELD cast as Agent May’s (the Cavalry) ex Husband and will be a recurring character.

There’s a new trailer for the Christmas episode of Doctor Who, and it looks like someone’s in trouble (as usual, actually, that’s not that different to every other episode… Santa’s in this one though.)


Minecraft developer Mojang have officially released their new Card/board game hybrid Scrolls, for PC, Mac and Android tablets, with an IPad version coming next year. There’s a Demo available from their website.

Papers Please, one of James’ favourite games and the basis for his most recent article, is now finally available on IPad, after a bit of censorship.

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed this, but I love Zelda, and so I’m obliged to let you all know about the Zeldathon Relief Fundraiser that’s taking place on the 27th of December, check out the details here.


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